Novus table surface

Novus is available for everyone!

NOVUS refers to a group of billiard games, but it’s easier to play and it does not take a long time to set up the table.

NOVUS is a gambling game, some hours beside the table will pass imperceptibly for you.

It is very easy to learn how to play NOVUS.  Everybody can play, children and adults (family sport), as well as athletes and professionals. In addition, it’s fun not only for the players but also for the spectators.

NOVUS is the only sport, where "pedestrians" and wheelchair users can compete on equal terms.

The rules are fairly simple and the professionalism of the player depends only from the intensity of workouts. Even 10-year-old child can easily remember rules of the game during 15 minutes.

2 or 4 members can play NOVUS simultaneously, physical or intellectual ability of player is not a decisive factor.



NOVUS develops such qualities as reaction rate, ability to think through the actions, as well as patience and diligence. This game brings people together and instills team spirit. It’s wonderful for business people, here as in business, power is not required, the main things are accuracy and analytical prediction.

Unlike billiard, NOVUS tables are not expensive. They can be placedanywhere (table size is 100 x 100 cm) and can be carried in the car. The game can be used both indoors and outdoors. The tables are made entirely of wood, instead of balls wooden disks (counters) are used. Wooden cue stick is lighter and shorter than in billiards.

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